Urban Development and Food

I know firsthand that a small piece of land can feed a large number of people, so why shouldn’t all housing developments include small farms? Why wouldn’t they be at least as important as a community pool? Shouldn’t developers consider food as part of a broad range of basic needs that every housing development should have, no less important than water, electricity and sewers?

writes Micheal Ableman in his book Fields of Plenty: A Farmer’s Journey in search of Real Food and the People who Grow it.

Eat the freshest food

Have you seen Garbage Warrior? The movie shows the real potential for families to increase food security within their own homes. While food may not need to grow quite so close to home for every household, how about food grown within a few block radius of your home? Main Street Market is working to grow produce in urban Kingston as well as source and supply food from not so far away. We’d like to see this happening in neighbourhoods across the country–you in? Have a local produce basket grown near your house and eat the freshest food starting now! Get in touch to find out how.