Natalie Sprackman’s Journal Entry 2

Unfortunately, I must admit I have been neglecting my farm work. Not out of dislike for it but, rather, by my own distractible nature. Life seems to continue to put other seemingly necessary tasks in my path. I am writing this is for two reasons: firstly, I noticed I feel worse away from the sun and the dirt that provides the hard obstacles I need, to feel the satisfaction and connection to nature — so why am I avoiding them? Secondly, I feel this distractible nature I face is something commonly shared by most people. This dilemma, I’ve put into questions and would love to hear what people have to say about our need to get closer to nature yet our inability due to all the chores, activities and “goals” we put in our way.  The questions I face are: how does one maintain their daily tangible connection to nature, when we live in a superficial world that bombards us with distractions to keep us away from it? And how can we see what nature personally means to us if we don’t give nature the time to show us? As I ponder these questions I try to remind myself when I am distracted, agitated and have been away from my work too long — The more time one puts into a relationship the stronger the relationship grows..