kare-raisu (Japanese take on curry rice)

In Japan this simple dish is both bachelor food and gourmet delight, depending on the cook. You can make it in minutes. Since I’ve been asked for the recipe I thought I’d share it widely. You can make it with most any veggies you have in the house.

  • pop over the the Asian Market (or your local) and grab curry rice mix (comes in blocks in a small box)
  • start by sauteing a roughly-chopped onion in a couple of TBSP oil
  • meanwhile, scrub up (for example) potatoes and carrots from the root cellar and snap a block of zucchini out of the freezer – toss them in along with any other favourite veggies (in big pieces) and meat (beef) if you likeIMAG1153
  • add 2C water and simmer until veggies soften (15-20mins)
  • meanwhile, rinse your rice thrice and throw it in the sui-han-ki (rice cooker)
  • now the veggies are soft, add the curry blocks and stir until it thickens a little (2-3mins)
  • fluff the rice (turn it in the rice cooker)
  • serve as per photo and eat with spoon (chopsticks work fine, but kare-raisu is typically eaten with a spoon)